Do you want the beauty of timber but not the worry about them warping, twisting, rotting or just looking pretty drab after a few years. Well our woodgrain sleepers are the perfect solution.


Love the smooth industrial look. Then these smoothface sleepers with a smart bevelled edge may be just what you are looking for.


Love the elegance of a tiled wall. Then these stackstone sleepers will set your yard apart from the may be just what you are looking for.

The Easy Way to Retain in Cardiff

RETAINEASE is a reliable and versatile solution for all your retaining wall needs, and we are proud to serve the Cardiff area.

Our high-quality concrete sleepers are not only durable and structural, but they also add a beautiful touch to your landscaping project. With a wide variety of textures and colours available, you can easily find the perfect match for your style and preferences.

At RETAINEASE, we are a family-owned and operated business in Newcastle, and we take pride in producing concrete sleepers that meet Australian Standards. Our sleepers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also maintenance-free and will not discolour over time.

In addition to our sleepers, we supply the whole retaining wall system, which includes steel-reinforced sleepers and galvanised steel channels. We also offer concrete post and rails, as well as sleepers that can be used as pavers and in sea walls.

Whether you are a home renovator, a seasoned landscaper, or a civil contractor, RETAINEASE is available to assist you with your next landscaping project. We have the expertise and the products to help you create the perfect retaining wall for your property, no matter where you are located in the Cardiff area.

About RetainEase

If you’re looking for high-quality retaining walls in the Cardiff area, look no further than RETAINEASE. Our family-owned and operated business has been producing top-notch concrete products since 2016, and we take pride in engineering them to exceed Australian Standards.

Whether you need a retaining wall for a residential, commercial, industrial, or in-water installation, RETAINEASE can help. We offer a variety of sleeper options and colours, and we can customise our products to suit almost any situation. Whether you want a unique feature for your home, a structural retaining system for a project or subdivision, or an eco-friendly option for a sea wall to minimise erosion, RETAINEASE can deliver a solution that is time and cost-effective to install.

Why Choose RetainEase in Cardiff

Our concrete sleepers are not only durable, but they are also cost-effective and an attractive way to retain. They come in a range of styles, textures, and colours, and they are a great way to add a decorative element to your property.

Our post & rail fencing is also made from the same high-quality concrete and reinforced steel. They provide a sturdy and reliable solution for property fencing and will last for decades to come. Our products are engineered to exceed Australian Standards, so you can trust in their quality and durability.

At RETAINEASE, we believe in doing it once, and doing it right. Our products are designed to provide long-lasting results that require minimal maintenance. We are proud to serve the Cardiff area, and we are committed to delivering quality products and exceptional customer service.

Quality Production and OHS Practices

Reliable source of concrete sleeper products and reputation

Committed to delivering consistently high-quality products

Why Choose RetainEase in Cardiff

Some of our FAQs

Where are you located?

RETAINEASE is located in Cardiff, NSW, at 5 Belford Place, postcode 2285. Our warehouse is easily accessible from the main roads, making it convenient for customers in Cardiff to visit us and view our products.

Our warehouse is custom-built and designed to maximise quality production while maintaining occupational health and safety best practices. We have invested in the latest equipment and machinery to ensure that we can produce high-quality concrete products efficiently and effectively.

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service, and our location in Cardiff allows us to easily serve customers in the surrounding areas. Whether you need retaining walls, post and rail fencing, or other concrete products, RETAINEASE can provide you with a solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your landscaping project, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our warehouse at 5 Belford Place, Cardiff NSW 2285. Our team of experts is always happy to assist you and help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

How do we arrange a quote?

You can contact our Cardiff office by Phone, Email or go to the Contact Us tab on the website and enter details. One of our fabulous team will be in touch and arrange a quote for you.

Do you sell to the Public or just trade?

We see to both Public and Trade customers.

Do you install the retaining walls?

RETAINEASE do not install the walls, we are just the suppliers, however we can put you in touch with some fabulous landscapers and installers who will be able to quote the installation side for you.

Are your sleepers Engineered?

Yes, our concrete sleepers are fully engineered, and a copy of the Generic drawing and Design statement is available upon request.

The RetainEase System

At RETAINEASE, we have four different types of structural sleepers currently available: Woodgrain, Smoothface, Stackstone, and Split Face Block. These sleepers are not only structurally sound, but they also offer a range of textures and colours, allowing you to choose a solution that complements your property’s style and aesthetic.

Woodgrain Sleepers Cardiff


Smoothface Sleepers Cardiff


Stackstone Sleepers Cardiff


Split Face Block Sleepers Cardiff

Split Face Block

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To request a quote, simply complete the required fields below, and we will be in touch shortly to arrange a consultation. With our comprehensive range of products and services, you can be confident that RETAINEASE can provide you with a solution that is tailored to your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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At RETAINEASE, we understand that every property is unique and requires a customised solution when it comes to retaining walls.
That’s why we offer a range of solutions to ensure that you get the perfect retaining wall for your needs. We can come to your Cardiff site to measure and quote on your retaining wall project.