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Where are you located?

Our warehouse is located at Unit 1, 58 Mitchell Road, Cardiff NSW 2285

How do we arrange a quote?

You can contact our office by Phone, Email or go to the Contact Us tab on the website and enter details. One of our fabulous team will be in touch and arrange a quote for you.

Do you sell to the Public or just trade?

We see to both Public and Trade customers.

Do you install the retaining walls?

RETAINEASE do not install the walls, we are just the suppliers, however we can put you in touch with some fabulous landscapers and installers who will be able to quote the installation side for you.

Are your sleepers Engineered?

Yes, our concrete sleepers are fully engineered, and a copy of the Generic drawing and Design statement is available upon request.

We need our project engineered, are we able to use your Engineering?

Our products engineering is just that and are marked Not for Construction. They are not sire specific. We can however refer you to our Engineer who would be more than happy to design, inspect and certify where required. (Engineering costs will apply).

How high can your sleepers go?

Our generic engineering covers walls up to 2.4m in height but our product can be made with any specific engineer requirements and they have been used in retaining walls up to 8 metres high.

Can I put a fence directly onto my retaining wall?

Yes, you can. Our hot dipped galvanized steel fencing brackets make light work of attaching your colorbond or timber fencing directly above your retaining wall. This means that they are even more space efficient and can be used on the boundary. Please check with your local council/engineer if approval and/or engineering is required.

Can your sleepers be used in or near water/surf?

Absolutely, our sleepers can be tailored to use galvanised reinforcement bars, increased mpa and the correct in water mixes and our sleepers have been used in retaining walls to minimise tidal erosion, jetties and more.

Where can we see your sleepers?

We have display walls at our warehouse at Unit 1, 58 Mitchell Road, Cardiff or at a number of our suppliers. Contact our office for details.

How heavy are your sleepers?

Well they are concrete so not a light product. Our 1.8m sleepers are 65kg and our 2m sleepers are 72kgs. Our 100mm thick sleepers are a little heavier than that again.

What colours do you have available?

We have 11 different colour options available. Refer to our colour selection chart.

Can I use your sleepers to make my stairs?

Absolutely, we make ready made stair brackets that will make creating a staircase a breeze. The sleepers can be used as the riser and then all you need is your patterned or feature cap tile to make the tread. 

I don’t like the galvanized steel look, can the posts be painted?

They can, you will just need to use an etch primer to ensure your topcoat binds to the steel and doesn’t just flake off. We would recommend talking to your local paint shop expert to get their recommendations.

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