Post & Rail Rural Fencing

Make a statement to your property

Fencing Rail

Fencing Rail

Fence Post

Fence Post 200mm

Fence Post

Fence Post 135mm

Want to make a statement at the entrance to your rural property. Our rustic concrete post and rail fencing system is the perfect addition to any homestead or paddock.

With our 2 or 3 rail systems now available to order, whether its decorative fencing you are after or keeping in animals, we can custom make the fencing to meet your requirements.

Post & Rail Rural Fencing

2 or 3 Rail Corner/End Posts

1800mm x 200mm x 200mm

Weight: Approx 120kgs

2 or 3 Rail Joiner Posts

1800mm x 200mm x 135mm

Weight: Approx 86kgs

Standard Rail

2400mm x 200mm x 70mm

Weight: Approx 73kgs

Small Rail

1200mm x 200mm x 70mm

Weight: Approx 38kgs

Colours Available





Concrete Grey

Concrete Grey

Please note the colour swatches are a good indicator of colour however colours may vary slightly during the manufacturing and curing process.

We recommend looking at a display wall near you for a more accurate colour selection prior to your purchase.

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