Myth or fact? I’m no scientist but I believe that the worlds water levels are rising as recent evidence is showing. Even locally we are seeing the results of erosion of our beaches and waterfronts due to tidal activity. This issue appears to be affecting all tidal areas even our very own local Lake Macquarie.

We are often asked if our sleepers can be used in or near the water. The answer is absolutely you can. In fact we have recently done a few in sea walls in Lake Macquarie where customers are having the front of their lands eroded by tidal waters, or alternatively trying to replace an existing retaining wall or pier wall that has failed and/or collapsed.

RETAINEASE can custom make in water use sleepers that are the perfect solution for these problems. We have recently completed some small retaining walls in Lake Macquarie to prevent further erosion of our customers land. This has allowed them to get some valuable land back and ensure that the lapping tidal waters of Lake Macquarie can do not further damage.